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Swedish massage

This massage uses a dynamic technique. Swedish massage has several effects on your health and helps optimizing the efficiency of your physique and mental. For example, it acts on the nervous system, the muscles, the fatty tissue, the digestive system, the breathing and even on the joints, the bloodstream and the skin. It can also help reduce muscle tension resulting from repeated movements or fatigue caused by stress. All these beneficial effects will help your body to regain its natural balance.

Specific massage

Therapeutic massage helps to relieve pain due to tendinitis or bursitis and/or muscle pain.

Hot stones massage

This technique is to perform the massage with stones heated in a bath of hot water. You feel deep warmth during this treatment as well as unusual sensation touch with hot stones on the body. This massage drains, detoxifies, relaxes and relaxes muscles.

Chair massage

Removes muscular stress and aid relaxation.

Pregnancy massage


Kid and baby massage


Swedish massage 16 years and -

Discovery of body care and therapeutic touch by its benefits.
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